An Automated Visual CRM from Messages

Deployable in minutes, unify CRM, messaging, and relations into a single intelligent visual platform

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  • Does your CRM suffer from poor adoption
  • Does your sales team dislike CRM, as it requires extra work
    but gives very little in return
  • Are you paying too much to maintain your CRM

QI’s thesis is simple: much of your true customer relationship data already exists in your messages, so why not automate your CRM from the unstructured messages.

QI does exactly that, it automates your customer relationship from messages. Your team can deploy data ready CRM that can build your pipeline in minutes.

Improves user adoption

  • Unified Inbox and CRM
  • Create a lead in 2 steps
  • Auto-organize customer activities across team
  • Review customer history in a single tap on mobile
  • Self-organized dashboard to analyze targets and execute relationship strategy
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Enriches data quality

  • Automatic data capture
  • Unify team view of the customer
  • Master data improvement through sharing
  • Data cleansing
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Lowers implementation cost

  • Captures and organize contacts and accounts and
    interactions from historical messages
  • Build your team pipelines in minutes
  • Customize UI, add classifications, tailor reports without the need for IT
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Improves collaboration

  • Automatically organizes team activities around contact or accounts
  • Enables transparency around lead ownership and customer interactions
  • Provides powerful but easy control around visibility
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Leverages the power of relationship intelligence

  • Leverage the knowledge of relationship intelligence
  • Stay organized and informed
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Our Valued Customers

We work with each customer to ensure its success.

Deployed QI to help manage leads and customer engagements.

Svalinn needed a very simple solution that works alongside its existing customer relationship process. They want to spend less time entering and managing customer data, but focus on the specific needs of their customers. They successfully achieved a more organized sales process with greater transparency and collaboration.

Deployed QI to manage sales process from lead to order.

Celco required a sales solution that will secure adoption from their internal and external sales team. They wanted their CRM to help manage and unify communication with customers. They required greater visibility and insight into the overall sales process.

Using QI to market and manage consulting services.

Democracy Consulting uses QI to unify targeted campaigns, lead interactions, and ongoing customer engagements. QI helps unify and leverage existing relationship to generate new consulting opportunities.

Deployed QI to help manage sales engagements.

Eximzz uses QI to help distribute advanced display products in Germany. QI is used to manage leads, sales, and services for the distributor.

Deployed QI to improve customer communications.

TechTrend deployed QI to better manage communication with customers.

Deployed QI to improve deal flows.

Llenrock implemented QI CRM as customer master to organize relationships with capital sources, developers, and other investment partners.

Why Our Customers Love Us

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