Why QI

Enable Relationship-Centric CRM.

QI Team QI Professional
  • Frustrated by lack of true status of leads
  • Facing sales rep turnover challenges
  • Lack visibility into relationship strategy
    during deal review
  • Frustrated by CRM data entry on mobile
  • Is your reps' relationship data transparent
  • Burdened by data quality issues
  • Challenged by fragmented relationships in
    CRM, Emails, Messaging, and LinkedIn
  • Spending thousands of dollars on your CRM

Why QI

Over 70% of sales leaders believe that their CRM fails to generate revenue. Why? Primarily due to adoption and change management issues. Our own research shows that vast majority of business leaders thinks that CRM has significant adoption issues.

The primary way management is securing adoption is by “holding a gun” at the sales team: either you enter the data or you don’t get paid. However, this compliance culture of forced adoption misses out on many insights, especially when users are grudgingly entering the minimum information to secure compliance.

What are some of these missed insights? Study shows successful reps are 3 times likely to leverage his or her relationship both at the customer and internally. But, how can a CRM system be helpful in coaching a new rep to be successful. In another example, with sales rep turnover as high as 15% in some industry, a single rep leaving the company costs $50K in loss revenue alone. Today’s CRM fails to provide the visibility to help reduce the pain of sales rep turnover.

How does QI help with improving CRM adoption and enabling critical insights?

QI’s thesis is simple: much of your true customer relationship data already exists; its in your messages, in your communication. Why not automate your CRM from those unstructured messages. QI does exactly that, it automates your customer relationship from messages.

This simple, yet fundamentally different way of looking at CRM, opens up different dimensions of benefits from CRM. These include faster deployment, faster adoption, greater transparency, better insights into relationship strategy, better data quality, and improved productivity; ultimately leading to improved sales.

With QI, a team can deploy data ready CRM and identify the team pipeline in minutes. QI reduces the barrier to entry into CRM. QI moves a significant step toward reducing the cost of deploying a CRM solution.

QI is a sales, service, and marketing solution that combines CRM, messaging, and relations into an unified platform:

  • Get started and visualize your customer relationship with your own data in minutes.
  • Increase the number of leads you can process.
  • Increase the number of deals you can close.

Improves user adoption

  • Unified Inbox and CRM.
  • Create a lead in 2 steps.
  • Auto-organize customer activities across team.
  • Review customer history in a single tap on mobile.
  • Self-organized dashboard to analyze targets and execute relationship strategy.

Quick creation of lead


Dashboard to analyze targets and execute relationship strategy from one view

Why CRM always had an adoption issue?

Few of the fundamental reasons why today’s CRM fails with adoption includes:

  • Requires user to enter data (often laboriously) to create identifiers (contact name, account name, emails), putting the onus on the user to be mindful of duplications.
  • Requires users to understand relational database. As a user, why should they have to know what is a contact, what is an account, do they need to create a lead against a contact or an account, do they need a contact or an account to make an opportunity, etc?
  • Provides no intuitive and secure way to automate transparency while controlling privacy. A users should have a natural way to share and unify their team’s latest interactions with customers. In addition, users should be able to limit the visibility of certain information. These have to be done in a transparent and intuitive way.

Unified Inbox and CRM

QI automates your CRM from messages. It unifies CRM and Inbox into one platform. You already try to carry out your real customer relationship over messages, so why separate CRM and Messaging to two disjointed system? QI solves this problem by combining the messaging and CRM into one platform, while enabling you to seamlessly continue to use your existing Outlook or Gmail for your email.

Quickly create a lead in 2 steps

There are a number critical benefit that comes out of this unification. First, QI can automatically identify the contact and account for you. You can create a lead against an individual or a company. You just have to select what stage of the sales cycle the lead is in. You can manage multiple deals or transaction with the same lead.

Auto-organize and unify customer activities across team

Second, all of your and teams messages around a deal is auto organized around your contact, account, and topics. Team members can choose what level of transparency they want to provide.

Review customer history in a single tap on mobile

Third, QI also makes it easier to visualize and navigate your relationship data on desktop and mobile. QI’s visual maps turns your inbox into a powerful wealth of knowledge that is easily leverageable. It combines Inbox and sales pipeline into one map organizing all communications around your leads, eliminating the need for folders and using two systems for messaging and CRM.

Self-organized dashboard to analyze targets and execute relationship strategy

Fourth, with a unified platform for CRM and messaging, your working dashboard becomes more powerful and analytically driven. You can target a set of customer that you need to reach, and review their history and communicate with them directly from QI. You no longer have to go back and forth between your CRM and email application.

Enriches data quality

  • Automatic data capture.
  • Unify team view of the customer.
  • Master data improvement through sharing.
  • Data cleansing.

Who has a relationship with the customer?


Do we have relationships with the key influencers an decision makers?

Automatic Data Capture

When users do not have to worry about entering contact and account, there are less chance of human error. This reduce duplications and makes downstream analytics and marketing more insightful.

Unified team view of the customer

QI auto-sharing enables users to unify interactions with the customer without any user interventions. Making it easy to see who has interacted with the customer and when. QI provides visual maps to easily navigate the relationship at the customer. Sales team can use that map to influence the customer more effectively.

Master data improvement through sharing

Using automated and controlled sharing QI enables a very dynamic and organic way to enrich the data on customer. Your team gets an unified view of the interactions with the account or contacts at the account. The information collected at the individual levels get merged into master data intelligently and organically to enrich the customer

Data Cleansing

QI provides merging and deduplication capabilities. In addition to providing these typical data quality functionalities, clever uses of processes like predictive topic extraction and relationship maps provide greater insights to quickly identify and correct mistakes.

Lowers implementation cost

  • Captures and organize contacts and accounts and interactions from historical messages.
  • Build your team pipelines in minutes.
  • Customize UI, add classifications, tailor reports without the need for IT

You will have this map ready for creating pipeline within 5 minutes.

Captures and organize contacts and accounts and interactions from historical messages

Our thesis is based on the fact that much of your true customer relationship data already exists in your messages.

Build your team pipelines in minutes

Which means QI can build your CRM with your own data and have you start to build your pipeline within 3 to 5 minutes after you sign up with QI. If you have a team, users can start to share and within 30 to 60 minutes you can start to see your team pipeline.

You no longer have to go through the monetary and resource cost of implementation and see the impact of CRM or any changes to your sales process. You can use QI quickly with your own data and team to look at your pipeline and review how your sales process will be impacted. QI provides a cost effective solution to simulate your sales process.

Customize UI, add classifications, tailor reports without the need for IT

QI provides an innovative way to customize and tailor the CRM to your specific needs without IT involvement. You can customized field labels, add new classifications and relationships, and they will be reflected in the QI transactional and analytics dashboard right away, removing the need for IT to get involved.

Improves collaboration

  • Automatically organizes team activities around contact or accounts.
  • Enables transparency around lead ownership and customer interactions.
  • Provides powerful but easy control around visibility

Auto-sharing combined with control over visibility facilitates transparency

Automatically organizes team activities around contact or account

QI automatically organizes your team activities around contacts and accounts and topics. You can not only review all interaction history, you can see relationship maps, and search them based on topics using our NLP engines.

Enables transparency around lead ownership and customer interactions

QI automatically organizes your team activities around contacts and accounts and topics. You can QI provides greater transparency on who owns what lead and interactions with your customer. Transparency is an important step in improving collaboration. QI solution provides unified view of the customer’s relationship with your company, making it much easier to leverage any existing relationship to effectively execute on a deal.

Provides powerful but easy control around visibility

QI provides granular control over visibility of emails and activities shared with the team. You can share customer information only or you can share messages across the team. You can control the level of visibility to each member of the team

Leverages the power of relationship intelligence

  • Leverage the knowledge of relationship intelligence.
  • Stay organized.

Leverage the knowledge of relationship intelligence

QI automatically organizes your team activities around contacts and accounts and topics. You can As you and your team communicate, QI automatically organizes those communications into relationship maps. More importantly, it allows you to navigate the relationship seamlessly from the web or mobile, allowing you to turn your black box of Inbox messages into a wealth of relationship intelligence.

With QI’s Account Relationship Maps, your team can quickly have discussions around who are the key influencers and decision makers at the deal. Contact Relationship Maps enables you to ask questions on the relationship strength to those influencers. You can identify how to influence the influencers and decision makers.

Stay organized and informed

Contact and account information is automatically captured. Emails are automatically organized around contact, account, and topics. QI eliminates the need for using folder.

QI turns your mobile phone into an extension of your brain, helping you leverage the wealth of knowledge that is available in your communication.

QI retrieves information just like the way brain retrieves information, that is based on face you remember, the company they represent or the topic of conversation. QI uses any of those to quickly narrow down and find the target and enables you to dive deeper to build the full picture.